New Update Bisp new payment 10500 received by ATM HBL ATMNew Update Bisp new payment:

New Update Bisp new payment:

BISP New Payment

  • The Benazir Income Support Program recently distributed a quarterly cash assistance of Rs 10,500 to deserving families enrolled in their Kafalat program.
  • This covers the period January to March 2024.
  • The program aims to provide financial aid to low-income families in Pakistan.

Key Points

  • Increased Amount: This is a recent increase from the previous quarterly amount of Rs 8,500.
  • Eligibility: You must be registered under the BISP Kafalat program to receive this payment.
  • Checking Eligibility: You can check your eligibility online through the BISP web portal using your ID card number.

Bisp new payment 10500 received by ATM HBL ATM:

Assalam Alaikum viewers are here to serve you with the latest and new update of Benazir Income Support Program. Asking because there are a large number of people who have not received the installment without an ATM at the end because there are a large number of people who have shifted from one place to another so they did not get the installment from the retailer shop. His district has been changed and secondly there are many people who are fed up due to the cut, Rs. What other new update has come from when the ATM will be restored and also clear you that there is a great news for those who did not get the installment of Rs 10500 because of the Eid Cash program. It is going to be started, you will be able to receive it, what will be the procedure to receive it, all the details will be shared with you in this post of Aaj, the biggest news of Aaj is going to be brought to you, Benazir Income. The installment of the support program has already started. There are about 50 lakh families who have received the installment from the Benazir Income Support Program. People are repeatedly asking about the ATM if they are not getting it or their money is being deducted.

New Update Bisp new payment
New Update Bisp new payment

Eid package from ATM:

Viewers are going to tell you in today’s post that whatever program is done by Benazir Income Support Program whether it is Kafalat Program or Eid Cash Program, the installments are issued to you through two banks, one bank. Through Alfalah and secondly through HBL Bank you can receive your installment from Alfalah ATM and HBL ATM too. There is a technical issue which Because of this, you are not getting installment of Benazir Income Support Program from ATM. But at present those who want to receive the installment must approach their nearest retailer shop from there you have to receive this installment and you have to receive the full installment without any deduction. That if you are being deducted, then you should go to the office of Benazir Income Support Program and complain. Let us tell you that there is no specific update regarding the ATM, from which date it started working and You will get the installment from the ATM, then collect your installment from the retailer shop itself.

New Update Bisp new payment
New Update Bisp new payment

BISP new payment check by CNIC:

There are a few ways to find out if your BISP payment is available:

  • BISP Website: The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) website doesn’t offer a direct payment status check by CNIC. But, it has a wealth of information on the program and beneficiary eligibility. You can visit for updates.
  • BISP Contact Center: BISP has a contact center you can call to inquire about your payment status. They might ask for some verification details besides your CNIC to ensure confidentiality. Contact information for BISP can likely be found on their website.
  • Wait for SMS or Phone Call: BISP often informs beneficiaries about their payments through SMS or phone calls. Keep an eye on your messages or calls for updates.

Here are some additional details to keep in mind:

  • BISP Payment Cycle: BISP payments are typically disbursed every two months. You can find more information on the BISP payment cycle on their website (
  • New Payment Methods: BISP is gradually introducing new payment methods alongside traditional post office disbursement. These include Benazir Smart Cards and Mobile Banking. You can find information on these alternative methods on the BISP website as well.

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