Introduction to Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is a fully automated and driverless metro system that started operations in 2009. It is a part of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and is the longest fully automated metro network in the world. The metro system comprises two lines: the Red Line and the Green Line, covering a total of 90 kilometers and serving 49 stations.

Career Opportunities in Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro offers various career opportunities across different fields, including engineering, operations, administration, customer service, and management. The available positions include:

1. Train Operators

The train operators are responsible for operating and monitoring the metro trains, ensuring that they run on schedule, and adhering to the safety procedures and regulations.

2. Station Controllers

The station controllers are responsible for supervising and managing the operations at the metro stations, including passenger flow, ticketing, and customer service.

3. Maintenance Technicians

The maintenance technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing the metro trains and infrastructure, ensuring that they are safe and efficient.

4. Customer Service Representatives

The customer service representatives are responsible for assisting the passengers with their queries and issues, ensuring that they have a smooth and hassle-free journey.

5. Management and Administration

The Dubai Metro also offers various management and administrative positions, including HR, finance, and marketing.

How to Apply for Dubai Metro Jobs

If you are interested in working for the Dubai Metro, you can apply for the available positions online through the RTA’s official website. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit the RTA’s official website

official website ( On the homepage, click on the


2. Search for the available positions

On the careers page, you can search for the available positions based on your field and expertise. Click on the position that interests you to view its details and requirements.

3. Submit your application

If you meet the requirements and are interested in the position, you can submit your application online by filling out the application form and uploading your CV and other required documents.

4. Wait for the response

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the RTA. The HR team will review your application, and if you meet the requirements, they will contact you for further interviews and assessments.

Benefits of Working for Dubai Metro

Working for the Dubai Metro comes with various benefits, including:

1. Competitive Salary

The Dubai Metro offers a competitive salary package that is in line with the industry standards and commensurate with the employee’s skills and experience.

2. Employee Benefits

The employees of the Dubai Metro are entitled to various benefits, including medical insurance, annual leave, and end-of-service benefits.

3. Career Growth Opportunities

The Dubai Metro offers various career growth opportunities, including training and development programs, mentorship, and job rotations.


Working for the Dubai Metro can be an exciting and fulfilling career choice for those interested in the transportation industry. The Dubai Metro offers various career opportunities across different fields and provides a competitive salary package, employee benefits, and career growth opportunities. If you are interested in working for the Dubai Metro