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Punjab Khidmt Card

The Punjab Khidmt card stands as a beacon of hope for the underprivileged segments of society, specially in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Launched in December 2015 by using the Punjab Government, this initiative ambitions to supply indispensable monetary help to disabled individuals, widows, and the unemployed. At the coronary heart of this software lies the wish to alleviate economic burdens and foster independence amongst these who want it the most.

The inception of the Punjab Khidmt scheme marked a substantial milestone in the government’s efforts to assist inclined communities. With a focal point on inclusivity, the application aims people going through monetary problem due to disability, loss of spouse, or lack of employment opportunities. By extending a supporting hand, the authorities ambitions to empower beneficiaries to lead dignified lives and make contributions positively to society.

Eligibility Requirements

To make sure the high-quality distribution of benefits, positive eligibility standards have been put in place:


Residency and Citizenship: Applicants ought to be residents of Punjab and possess a legitimate National Identity Card (CNIC).

Income Criteria: Eligibility is restrained to humans belonging to low-income households with a month-to-month profits no longer exceeding Rs 30,000.

Employment Status: Applicants have to no longer be authorities personnel or recipients of different health-related benefits.

Benefits of the Punjab Khidmt Card

The Punjab Khidmt card serves as a lifeline for these in need, supplying a vary of advantages tailor-made to enhance their pleasant of life:

Financial Aid: Qualified people acquire economic assistance, making sure get admission to to fundamental assets for every day residing expenses.


Provision of Equipment: Disabled folks are furnished with wheelchairs and different integral gear to decorate mobility and independence.

Support for Small Businesses: The application extends help to small businesses, fostering entrepreneurship and monetary sustainability inside the community.


Punjab Khidmt Card
Punjab Khidmt Card


Purpose of the Punjab Khidmt Card

At its core, the Punjab Khidmt card serves a couple of purposes, every contributing to the normal welfare of society:

Government-Issued Identity Card: Serving as an respectable identification document, the card enables get entry to to a number authorities offerings and benefits.

Financial Services: With biometric safety features, the card permits tightly closed and handy monetary transactions, empowering beneficiaries to manipulate their budget independently.

Implementation and Expansion: Initially carried out in Punjab, the application is set to amplify to different provinces of Pakistan, making sure broader get admission to to much-needed assistance.



The Punjab Khidmt card embodies the government’s dedication to social welfare and inclusivity. Through centered interventions and assist mechanisms, the software has already made a tangible distinction in the lives of hundreds of beneficiaries. As we cross forward, it is critical to maintain these efforts and construct upon them to create a extra equitable society for all.


When was once the Punjab Khidmt scheme launched for the first time?

The Punjab Government launched the Punjab Khidmt scheme for the first time in December 2015.

How can we follow for a Punjab Khidmt Card?

Interested folks can practice for a Punjab Khidmt Card by using journeying the internet site of the Punjab Social Security Administration (PSBA) and filling out the on-line utility form.


Who is eligible to follow for a Punjab Khidmt Card?

Eligibility standards consist of residency in Punjab, possession of a legitimate CNIC, belonging to a low-income family, and now not being a authorities worker or recipient of different fitness benefits.

What are the foremost advantages of the Punjab Khidmt Card?

The card offers economic aid, tools for disabled individuals, and guide for small businesses.

Is the Punjab Khidmt scheme restricted to Punjab province only?

While at first carried out in Punjab, plans are underway to make bigger the application to different provinces of Pakistan, making sure wider insurance and accessibility.

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