Telenor Quiz Answers – 20 January 2023 Telenor Quiz Today Answer

Today’s Telenor Quiz answers are in January 2023. You will find the answer to the My Telenor app quiz here. You have won Free MBs with Telenor’s application. Telenor will give you free MB if you answer 100% of the questions.

Telenor Quiz Answers – Today my Telenor app quiz

I hope you are all well, my dear friends. I hope that you all will be okay. The following post is for my Pakistani brothers and sisters. Our site is visited every day, are you here every day? You can find my daily Telenor quiz here.

My Telenor apps question answer

A new service was launched by Telenor. A lot of people have taken advantage of this service. Answering daily questions allows people to get free internet. The My Telenor app is simple to use and many of the Telenor packages can be obtained at very competitive rates with this app. Telenor customers will greatly benefit from this feature. Telenor helpline number is also available to ask about this issue and you can easily resolve the problem if you have any problems using the application.

All questions can be found here. The links below will take you directly to the answer and question. Find correct answers to our daily questions by visiting our website daily.


Where can I find the answers to My Telenor App quizzes? Now that I have answered all questions, I have won the quiz. Then, tap “Test your skill” at the bottom of the menu of the My Telenor App;

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Telenor Quiz answers

Step-by-step guide Telenor Quiz Answers

  • Open My Telenor App
  • Click the button“Test your Skills” in-app
  • The page will have five questions.
  • These are the questions you must answer.
  • Those five questions must be answered correctly.
  • You will then receive 100/50 MBs.

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My Telenor test your skills today

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 20 January 2023

Question 1: In initial books, Imran appears as a _____ detective?

  • Solo
  • Team
  • No
  • Slave

Answer: Solo

Question 2: What is the essence of Ibne Safi’s books in Imran Series?

  • Anger
  • Witty
  • Humour
  • Romance

Answer: Humour

Question 3: Name the cook who resides with Imran in his apartment?

  • Ali
  • Sulaiman
  • Saleem
  • Abid

Answer: Sulaiman

Question 4: Initial headquarter of Secret Services was Daanish _____?

  • House
  • Palace
  • Resort
  • Manzil

Answer: Manzil

Question 5: What is the second hideout & operations centre for Secret Services?

  • Rana Palace
  • Wonderland
  • Disney Land
  • Lahore

Answer: Rana Palace


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Telenor jobs

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Telenor Quiz Answers 2023 – Telenor test your skills today and answers

My Telenor App question and answer. The answers to all the questions can also be found on our website. We posted Telenor’s daily updates every day and updated them each day. We’ll update this page with new answers and questions as they become available. The information you find on this website will be of great help to you when attempting to improve your knowledge.

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