Kisan Card Scheme: A Comprehensive Guide to Apply and Unlock Eight Major Benefits in 2024Kisan card Schem

Kisan Card Scheme: How to Apply and Eight Major Benefits in 2024

The Kisan Card Scheme is a groundbreaking initiative introduced by the Government of Punjab, aimed at revolutionizing the agricultural sector by offering substantial financial support and benefits to farmers. This scheme is set to invest 64 billion rupees, making it the largest Kisan package in Punjab's history. If you're a farmer in Punjab, obtaining the Punjab Kisan Card can open doors to numerous opportunities and benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about the Kisan Card Scheme, including how to apply and the eight major benefits it offers.

Kisan card Schem
Kisan card Schem

What is the Kisan Card Scheme?

The Kisan Card Scheme is a government initiative designed to provide financial aid and resources to farmers in Punjab. With the Punjab Kisan Card, farmers can access interest-free loans, subsidies on modern agricultural equipment, and much more. This scheme aims to enhance agricultural productivity and support farmers in various aspects of farming.

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How to Apply for the Kisan Card Scheme

Applying for the Punjab Kisan Card is straightforward. Follow these steps to register:

  1. Prepare Your Mobile Phone: Ensure your SIM card is registered under your ID card number.
  2. Send an SMS: Open the messaging app on your phone, type PKC followed by your ID card number, and send it to 8070.
  3. Receive Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation message acknowledging your application.

Eight Major Benefits of the Punjab Kisan Card

Farmers who register for the Punjab Kisan Card can enjoy the following eight major benefits:

1. Interest-Free Loans

Under the Wazir Ali Punjab Kisan Card scheme, the government provides interest-free loans to five lakh farmers, amounting to 150 billion rupees. Each farmer can receive up to one and a half lakh rupees without any interest.

2. Green Tractor Scheme

The Chief Minister Green Tractor Scheme allocates 30 billion rupees to provide subsidies on green tractors. Farmers with a Punjab Kisan Card can apply for this scheme and receive financial assistance to purchase tractors.

3. Subsidies on Agricultural Machinery

The government has earmarked 12 billion rupees to subsidize modern agricultural machinery and equipment. Farmers can upgrade their tools and machinery at a reduced cost, improving their farming efficiency.

4. Solarization of Tube Wells

Under the Chief Minister Solarization Program, 7,000 tube wells will be converted to solar energy at a cost of nine billion rupees. This initiative aims to reduce energy costs and promote sustainable farming practices.

5. Smoke Control Program

The Wazir Ali Punjab Smoke Control Program offers a 60% subsidy on 5,000 Super Setters and 2,000 Straysters, costing eight billion rupees. This helps farmers adopt eco-friendly practices.

6. Model Agriculture Malls

The establishment of model agriculture malls, with an investment of 25 billion rupees, will provide farmers with access to quality seeds, fertilizers, and other essential farming supplies.

7. Recruitment of Young Agricultural Graduates

The government plans to recruit 1,000 young agricultural graduates in the agriculture department. This initiative aims to bring fresh ideas and modern techniques to the farming community.

8. Cultivation of Oil Soybeans and Canola

An investment of one billion rupees has been allocated for the cultivation and production of oil soybeans and canola, promoting diversification and higher income for farmers.

Essential Conditions for Punjab Kisan Card

To apply for the Punjab Kisan Card, farmers must meet the following conditions:

  1. Land Ownership: Farmers must own between one acre to 12 acres of land.
  2. Land Registration: The land should be registered in the Land Records Center.
  3. SIM Registration: The SIM card used for application should be registered under the farmer's ID card number.
  4. Identity Verification: The farmer's ID card must be validated in the NADRA record.
  5. Debt-Free Status: The farmer should not owe money to any other financial institution.
  6. Loan Repayment: Interest-free loans must be repaid within six months.


The Punjab Kisan Card Scheme is a transformative initiative that offers significant benefits to farmers in Punjab. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the simple application process, farmers can access interest-free loans, subsidies on equipment, solar energy solutions, and much more. This scheme is designed to empower farmers, enhance agricultural productivity, and ensure sustainable farming practices.

For more detailed information and to apply for the Punjab Kisan Card, visit the official Punjab Agriculture Department website or contact your local agricultural office.

Quick Details

Program NameBenazir Kafaalat Program
Stipend AmountRs. 10,500
EligibilityPakistani transgenders, not employed by the government, no significant income source
Documents NeededTransgender identity card, proof of residence, personal information
Registration OptionsIn-person at BISP office, online via BISP website

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